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For five years now, WikiLeaks’ supporters have been debating the merits or the gaping holes in the case against Julian. We have taken on the state trolls. We have waited patiently while the legal process goes through its strides. With the February ruling from the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, it is clear now that he has won that. That he has made the point that he is being arbitrarily detained. But it has also become clear that the superpowers that are set against him are not going to respect that decision. So it is going to take something beyond legal forums, beyond international diplomacy, to actually get him out of that embassy now. To liberate him and to allow him safe passage to Ecuador...

Juan Branco, avocat de WikiLeaks, gazé à Paris

#NuitDebout : Juan Branco gazé par la police au pays des droits de l’homme.. Ex-assistant du procureur de la cour pénale internationale (CPI) et (...)
16 avril 2016

Anon.UK Radio - #JA4me Campaign to Liberate Julian Assange

AnonUK Radio Interview: #JA4me Grassroots Campaign to Liberate Julian Assange. Guest: Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson speaking for #JA4me. Just as (...)
28 March 2016

The #JA4me campaign on the Voices Network

The #JA4me campaign has been compared to the successful Free Mandela movement of the 1980s. By Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson and radio host Terry (...)
27 March 2016

Campagne populaire pour libérer Julian Assange

Ceci est votre chance de contribuer à sauver la vie de Julian Assange, fondateur de WikiLeaks. #JA4Me est une campagne mondiale d’actions de (...)
24 mars 2016

Grassroots Campaign To Free Julian Assange

#JA4Me is a global campaign of grassroots actions with a single unrelenting focus: to free Julian Assange. It is the brainchild of supporters (...)
21 March 2016

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