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The US government is seeking to extradite British citizen Lauri Love to face hacking charges. Lauri has Asperger's Syndrome and his case has been likened to that of Gary McKinnon, whose extradition was blocked by the then home secretary Theresa May in 2012 on human rights grounds.

Many experts have called the attempt to extradite Lauri as 'over-zealous' and 'draconian' by using charges of alleged computer misuse within their judicial system. It is the opinion of American legal observers that Lauri will not be subject to fair legal due process if the extradition goes ahead. He will not get an honest trial, and this has been stated by several politicians, lawyers and digital experts. The attempted prosecution amounts to little more than a witch hunt.

Please support the campaign to prevent him from being removed from the United Kingdom, and his friends and family.

BBC News

Hacking suspect Lauri Love waits for extradition decision

High Court judges have said they will "take time" to decide whether an alleged computer hacker should be extradited from Britain to stand trial in the US. Lauri Love, 32, from Stradishall, Suffolk, is suspected of hacking into FBI, US Central Bank and Nasa systems.

The Independent

My partner Lauri Love could be saving the world from cyber attacks but instead he faces a 99-year prison sentence

Lauri Love is an activist, a physicist, a computer scientist, an angel and the person I want to spend my life with. He is stubborn and smart, near to the point of arrogance, and he fights every battle he can against injustice.

The Courage Foundation

Former top prosecutor confirms Lauri Love has been singled out for unusual treatment and extradition is not the norm

Evidence from Former Director of Public Prosecutions confirms a “policy bias” towards prosecuting cybercrime cases in local courts. “There appear to be sound and obvious policy grounds for a particular bias towards prosecuting vulnerable defendants locally.”

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The most direct way to support Lauri is to help him with his legal expenses.

There are numerous ways to get involved and help the campaign to stop Lauri being extradited to the US. You can support the various tweet storms and online actions, or ideally contact your local MP. Voicing your concerns about US authoritarian over reach to others who may be in positions of influence or authority is also a great idea. Any peaceful activity which will help focus both the spotlight of the mainstream media and public attention on the issue is welcomed by the campaign. There are also events that have been organised to help Lauri, you can keep up with these via the Free Lauri Love facebook. Thank you for your support.

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