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AnonUK Radio - Lauri Love Will Be Extradited To US

Hacker Lauri Love Will Be Extradited To US To Face Charges. A conversation with Lauri Love’s (...)

Anonymous #OpGabon Press Release

Anonymous Operation Gabon Press Release. Hello citizens of the world. We Are Anonymous. Today (...)

March Against Monsanto, Everywhere, October 16

March Against Monsanto, Everywhere, World Food Day, October 16. Not everyone can travel to The (...)

Alert - Riseup financial update

Riseup financial update - The news is not good. Riseup provides online communication tools for (...)

30 September

‘A Giant Kill Box’: Death Toll in the Hundreds as Syrian Army Storms Aleppo

(MEE) Syrian government forces pressed their assault on eastern Aleppo on Friday, amid reports of more than 300 people killed in the besieged (...)

30 September

EFF Asks Court to Block U.S. From Prosecuting Security Researcher For Detecting and Publishing Computer Vulnerabilities

DMCA Provision Violates Author’s First Amendment Right to Publish Research About Computer Security Washington, D.C.—The Electronic Frontier (...)

28 September

Norwegian court declines to guarantee Edward Snowden’s safe travel

#SnowdentoOslo campaign aims to bring the NSA whistleblower to Norway to accept Norwegian PEN's Ossietzky Prize

26 September

Lauri Love’s extradition ruling draws international interest

UK District Judge Nina Tempia’s ruling to extradite British activist Lauri Love drew global press coverage: here we collate interviews following (...)

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