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This is Radio Freedom.

AnonOps & AnonUK Live-Radio: Free speech and good music! Now you can broadcast your ideas on truth and freedom.

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Anonymous Radio gets the truths through...

AnonOps is an international communication platform frequented by Anonymous. We have seen our friends persecuted and jailed by unfair governments who seek nothing more than to control the people, control what we see, what we can read, who we can talk to. The internet does NOT belong to any government or any corportation. It belongs to us...

22 May 2014 - Sad day! Lorax was arrested in Australia

In Apartheid-era South Africa listening to Radio Freedom was a crime carrying a penalty of up to eight years in prison. Anonymous has evolved in a culture of threats to free communication as well. When the Anonymous networks launched into radio, Lorax drew inspiration from Radio Freedom and launched Lorax Live to provide an uncensored platform for voices that speak truth to power. In two plus years Lorax has done over 100 interviews with a phenominal spectrum of seminal thinkers and revolutionary activists. Live weekly shows are broadcast Fri 9pm ET / Sat 1 GMT.


1-3PM - WivitPaws -Afternoons.9-11PM - Stab Vest In A English Country Garden.


8-10PM – Mass Debate Live (SchismUK + AjacxUK).


9-11PM - AnonQuiz: 2 hrs of bad language and bad losers...Oh and a quiz.


4-6PM – WivItPaws-Afternoons.7-9PM – Chillout rock before the storm (AnonSquirrel).
9-11PM - LIVE Trash and Trashtalk Thursdays (AnonSquirrel).


9-11PM - SubsPlot St@te Of Pl@y.


9-11PM – Dance Session with L4dy.


6-8PM – Alt weekly Metal Shows, Paul Burt & Lou Burt.9-11PM - T0pG3ar Live.

We Are Legion

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