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Empreiteiras da Lava Jato doaram R$ 98,8 mi a campanhas de Dilma e (...)

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Essential #Ferguson Documents: Grand Jury Transcript, Evidence, Witness (...)

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Creer que un político va a arreglar todo en un país, es solo un sueño. (...)

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Manifestanti, hacker, attivisti, ecco Anonymous di OpKKK e OpFerguson

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Ferguson: A list of Live streamers

Directed by Vivien Lesnik Weisman, The Hacker Wars is a documentary about the mistreatment, persecution and intimidation of hackers and activists, by US government. Featuring interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake, The Hacker Wars traces the steps that led from the Internet’s murkiest corners to the heavy shadow of censorship and a century’s worth of prison time...